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May. 21st, 2017 12:58 pm
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Hello dear players! As you may have noticed already, the Bonus Dungeon has been unlocked.

This dungeon is non-canonical, happens beyond the fourth wall and is open to everyone. Practically speaking, this means your characters will be fully aware that they are 'characters' and that we exist. Therefore this means they will be fully aware of all the cruel and unspeakable things we've done to them! Of course, we can hide behind the pretense that none of this is real... But if the multiverse theory is true, it might actually be real. Science!

Furthermore, anyone can participate in this bonus dungeon so long as they were once in Melodies of Life. That includes dropped characters, dead characters, characters from the Another Side event, Archfiends and Kalki's Vessel. Last but not least, the dungeon isn't canon. Therefore what happens in there doesn't count toward the storyline of Melodies of Life. The NPCs met there however, are real NPCs who could have appeared in the storyline but didn't for a reason or another. Likewise, real plot info might be dropped.

Oh, and be reassured the dungeon won't have 1000 floors... Maybe. Please reply to this post if you have any questions and we hope you'll enjoy the secret dungeon!

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